Random Photos

I want to write something to post, I really do. It’s just been an odd couple of months and I am a creature of habit more than I would like to admit. I moved into a new place. I went from “The Shoebox”, my little 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment with no outdoor living space, to sharing a 4 bedroom house with room mates. Funny thing is I am in the same neighborhood….same street….just 2 blocks down. I like living in Sabalo Country. I love the wide beach….I like that it has the corner tiendas with homemade shrimp salad and people going through the neighborhood selling things all day; each one distinguishable both by the hour of day as well as their horn, whistle or other sound.  I like being close to things, yet when I wake up in the morning all I can hear are birds and the occasional referee whistle from the futbol parks in Pancho Villa and during still nights such as this one…the ocean crashing. Also, work has been busy…with all of my jobs. Productive? Remains to be seen. But busy. Something else to set me off my game was that I had no internet at home until a couple of weeks ago. I *know*  that I can write anywhere at any time, even at home and just save it and post it later at a place with WiFi…but again, I am an odd creature of habit. I can’t explain it. But now things seem to be settling into a routine. Getting my groove back, learning to live with new people, getting all my odd jobs into a schedule of sorts. It’s all coming together now. But anyway, again, I don’t know what to write! So I am posting a few random photos instead. Hope you enjoy.



About atropicalcancer

Just a gringa making her way in Mexico using her wits and winning personality.
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4 Responses to Random Photos

  1. zeehag says:

    you do goood work….

  2. Richard Carpenter says:

    Try the lobster at paparadise. I was never a lobster fan until I did. Our biggest fear was. That they never seemed very busy. We want them to be there when we return.

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