Raisin and serrano quesadillas

I love to cook and between my heritage (New Mexico cattle ranchers on my Mom’s side- Virginia farmers on my Dad’s side), my travels and the places I have lived, I have picked up a lot of techniques and food combinations that I would never have thought of otherwise.  This is one of those ingredient marriages that is simple, yet makes you go…”hhhhmmmm”.

You start out with one of the things you can ALWAYS find in my house—tortillas. You can do so much with tortillas, one day I will be giving them a post all their own!

Another staple in my kitchen, serrano peppers. Take a couple of these and dice them up. Some people prefer to leave out the seeds, but not this girl! I like my spice!

Heat up some olive oil in a pan and saute the serrano peppers along with a handful of raisins. This is a recipe that you can tailor to your tastes and portions easily. Just adjust the raisin/serrano ratio as necessary.

After a few minutes, give the raisin/serrano mixture a couple good splashes of soy sauce. Yes, soy sauce! It will cook down very quickly so ,make sure you stir the mixture well to blend the flavors.

Grab a tortilla and sprinkle some chihuahua cheese on it. Give it a healthy layer of the raisin/serrano mixture then some more cheese. on top.

Place another tortilla on top, then back to the pan to brown both sides well!

Now just cut it into quarters, kick back and enjoy! Buen provecho!!


About atropicalcancer

Just a gringa making her way in Mexico using her wits and winning personality.
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5 Responses to Raisin and serrano quesadillas

  1. Contessa says:


    Was you header photo of the boat & tractor taken on La Isla de la Piedra?

  2. Very unusual combo, my dear. Will give it a try! Looks tasty. You invent this or pick it up somewhere?

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