Paparadise– located in Centro on the corner of Angel Flores y Belasario Dominquez. Look for the totem poles and beach balls!


Juan (Manny) was one of the first friends that I made in Mazatlan almost 8 years ago. Handsome, charming, great cook and he knows his wine! This is his newest venture- he has taken one of my favorite street foods, papas locas, and kicked it up a notch with different ingredients and sauces. Nopales, octopus, lobster..the list goes on.


The menus are fun with a diffrent pin-up girl on each one.


The decor is bright and tropical with great lighting. A local artist did all the work- the details are amazing!





Seven sauces are served on these neat handpainted surfboards. Each sauce is delicious and very different; everything from a spicy peanut sauce to a garlic sour cream.


It was a very tough decision, but I went with a potato featuring super tender beef, nopales and a chipotle cream sauce. Muy rico!! The next one I want to try has squid, octopus and some other yummy sea creatures. Next visit!


Paparadise moved to a location beside Hotel Belmar in Olas Altas. It recently closed down. As for Manny? He is currently the manager at the wildly popular “Squid Roe” in Cabo San Lucas. If you are in Cabo, go by and tell him, “Hello”!


About atropicalcancer

Just a gringa making her way in Mexico using her wits and winning personality.
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6 Responses to Paparadise

  1. Christine says:

    so, when do we go? yay, am I your first comment EVER?? whoohooo…

  2. Zoe Jussel says:

    Ohhhhh, Manny. I remember now! Best of luck and we will see you soon. First B, then La Corriente and now this.

  3. You go, girl!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

  4. Contessa says:

    Got your blog info from Nancy D. Hopefully we will get to Stone Island for our winter 5 months by the end of November. Looking forward to trying this place out.

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